A 28-day adventure to your best-self.


A 28-day adventure to your best-self.


- Gain clarity on your goals
- discover more purpose
- boost your confidence
- unlock your full potential
- Even if you are new to SELF-DEVELOPMENT


Play Video


Play Video

Find more meaning

Take your brain for a walk, and to discover your values, beliefs and your purpose.

Crush your goals

Learn my unique 10x accountability system to consistently keep you motivated to reach your goals.

brain user manual

Discover how your brain works to turn your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader.

Full potential plan

Finish the AreteWay with a detailed plan to reach your on-going full potential.

What exactly is the AreteWay?

The AreteWay is a one-of-a-kind online LIVE learning adventure, that blends online videos, workbooks, reflections, coupled with LIVE guidance and coaching from myself (Andy) via ZOOM. 


The AreteWay is really a self-development adventure that is specifically designed to help you gain more clarity over your goals, understand how habits work, boost your confidence, unlock more purpose, create new and powerful connections with an amazing group of like-minded AreteWay adventurers and ultimately unlock your full potential.


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Become an AreteWay Adventurer TODAY!

IS this course for me?

The AreteWay is for you if you want to find more meaning and purpose but right now, you’re not sure how to go about this. If you feel that you have more to give and you want a blueprint of how to get there, then the AreteWay is perfect for you.


If you have ever felt a bit lost, or unsure what to do next, or overwhelmed by all the information that’s out there, then the AreteWay is like a filter that will show you exactly what you need to know to reach your full potential.


The AreteWay is for you if you want to stop being so hard on yourself and learn how to master your inner talk to turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader. Also, if you have ever felt a tug to something more and you can’t figure out where your true north resides, then AreteWay is perfect for you.


The AreteWay is for you if you want to rediscover your confidence that has been lost over the years, while also reconnecting with the greatest discovery – your authentic self.


The AreteWay is for you if you want a clear blueprint to consistently achieve those goals that have eluded you for too long. These could include health goals like exercise, quality nutrition, optimal sleep, daily meditation. Also, you will learn how to break those unwanted habits.


Finally, the AreteWay is for you if you want to overcome your fears and boost your courage to embrace your fear and do it anyway.


The AreteWay is NOT for you if you are unwilling to try new ideas and concepts, while also stepping outside your comfort zone.


WHy not invest in yourself?


Our unique online Learning platform and app

When you sign up you will gain access to our unique online learning platform and app that will host the 4 learning stages that form the 28-day AreteWay Adventure.

Andy will guide you through each of the 4 stages, so one stage per week, which will include 5 learning topics one for each working day, along with videos and reflections. (See 'What you will learn' below for more information)

The videos and reflections should only take 10 - 20 mins per day so you will have the time for this adventure. Also, you will have access to the learning platform, and course for 12 months so if you have lots of time to catch up or revisit the learning.

LIVE COACHING WITH ANDY MONDAYS 13:00 - 14:00, session repeated 18:30 - 19:30 BST

In addition to the online learning, you will join Andy on a LIVE 1-hour ZOOM training session every Monday (Tuesday first week only) starting on 4th January between 1 and 2 pm GMT. This session is then repeated at 18:30 - 19:30 GMT so you WILL be able to find a session that works for you. These sessions will bring the online learning to life, and allow you to unlock the power of the group and work directly with Andy and the team.


Our aim is to over-deliver in every way so every day there will be at least one complimentary live interaction with the group in addition to the LIVE zooms and the daily online learning. These will usually take the form of a pre-scheduled LIVE into your private Facebook community so you can watch and take part live or on catch up. Everything is designed to enhance your experience.

The collective wisdom of the community

When you sign up you will also gain access to an exclusive private community a few days before the course begins. The private community helps bring the whole AreteWay adventure to life.

We believe in the collective wisdom of the group and many of the greatest insights come from sharing with like-minded people who are all on the same mission to find their best-self.

Andy and the team will be in the community every day to help supplement the learning, create engagement, offer coaching tips and guide you on your AreteWay adventure.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your life!

What you will Learn!

To complete the AreteWay there are 4 LIVE Zoom talks and 4 learning stages. Each learning stage and ZOOM talk builds on the next to gradually move your skillset from where you are now at point A, to where you want to be at point B.

Stage 1 - The 6 Skills of the AreteWay

In stage 1 you will explore the 6 skills that create the foundation of your full potential. The skills include: Optimising sleep, quality nutrition, moving your body the right way, reducing or removing alcohol, finding quiet time and most importantly nurturing relationships.

Stage 2 - The goals plunger

In stage 2 you will discover a system called the goals plunger that will help you find the perfect goal for you. So, if right now you are unsure of what your goals are, or if you have too many goals we have you covered. You will not only learn how to refine your goals but also how to get tactical so the goal you chose makes the subsequent goals easier to achieve.

Stage 3 - The user manual for your brain

During stage 3 you will learn how your brain works in the real world. You will also be introduced to your two brains – The primitive brain and the rational brain. You will also discover the secret to a life well-lived is to manage your primitive brain with your rational brain.

Stage 4 - Your full potential plan

The final stage is designed to help you create an ongoing plan to reach your full potential, find more meaning and unleash your excellence. This stage will bring together all the learning so you can turn all the theory into long-lasting action. And the best part is that you are just warming up!

Make all your dreams a reality!


What I realised is that so many of us would love to go on a long walk like the Camino, or the Appalachian Trail. Why is this? Well, I believe we crave the space to try and figure out what on earth it is we plan to do with our “one wild and precious life” as the American poet Mary Oliver put it so beautifully. 


However, these physical walks take years to plan and rarely do people find the time to make them happen. So they miss the opportunity to find their Arete or true purpose, full potential and excellence. 


So I thought why not use my years of experience in guiding people towards their best-self to create a totally unique online LIVE course that could provide the same insights gained from a long walk. The moment the online LIVE course starts you will find the reflective time to figure out what is really important to you, what your values are. In short, you will learn who you are, where you are heading and how you are going to get there. And you won’t have to take any time off work, travel to another country or leave your friends and family behind. It’s the win you have been waiting for.

One of the best investments you can make or your money back guaranteed!

Why it's time to invest in your development

For the last 6 years, I have run courses that are very similar to AreteWay for £500 and in the corporate space up to £5000. Our feedback forms consistently tell us that our course offers incredible value, and we should charge a lot more. However, our aim is to make this opportunity accessible to as many people as possible. So, I have priced it in a way that offers such incredible value that it should be in the no-brainer space.

While we know this is an incredible value, it is still an investment that we understand you have to consider. The way we look at it is like this. The AreteWay is the price of a BIG night out or social occasion and how many of these events offer you the chance to discover more purpose, unlock your potential and find your excellence? We spend more on our cars than we invest in ourselves. So let’s make it happen and if you are still unsure I will offer you a guarantee so it’s a free option (see below).

Here's why there is no risk to you!

“I am so confident that you will LOVE the AreteWay experience that if you fully engage with the course, and show up on all the ZOOM’s and if you don’t enjoy it, drop me an email andy@andyramage.com and I will refund you.”

Only - £149+Vat


Only - £149+Vat

One ofF Cost!

LEArn with a great community


Let’s not make a secret about it, I would LOVE you to join me on the AreteWay adventure. I have had the pleasure of seeing the massive results people just like you have already achieved. So to help make the decision easier for you, here are a few massive bonuses that will hopefully make this an even bigger no brainer.

Exclusive 10x Journaling online course (Value: £100)

In this exclusive online course, Andy will take you through the 10x journaling system that will help you crush your goals in record time. You will learn about all the styles of journaling and discover a unique journaling formula that is quick and easy to use. The 10x journaling course will boost your productivity x10 while also providing you with a system to hold you accountable to your dreams. This simple journaling process is like unlocking a superpower and I will show you exactly how I used the same process to consistently reach my goals.

Habit hacker online workshop and workbook (Value: £50)

During this workshop, you will learn the science of habit formation and how you can hack the habit system to break those annoying bad habits and create new empowering habits that will help you to reach your goals. During the workshop, you will discover how the habit loop works and exactly how you can leverage the power of existing triggers to fire off new healthy habits. You will also find out how to use the power of habit gaps and learn the ‘habit catch 22’ that will keep you motivated forever! This is a workshop you don’t want to miss.

Thought leader workshops (Value: £500)

During your AreteWay adventure, you will unlock several recordings of our thought leader workshops with world-leading experts from nutrition, to philosophy and self-development. These sessions are UNREAL. You will see up close the very best guest experts sharing their tips to reach your full potential and promote excellence in your life. Past guests include Nick Littlehales world-leading sleep expert and author of ‘Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, The Power of Naps and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind.’. Dr Alan Desmond former 6-week online LIVE graduate and author of, ‘The Plant-Based Diet Revolution: 28-Days to a Healthier You,’ Sharoo Izadi behavioural change expert and author of the brilliant, “Kindness Method”, and ‘The Last Diet.’ and so many more.

Bodywork (Value £200)

From the second week of the AreteWay, you will be able to join our bodywork online LIVE classes such as yoga, pilates or Zumba. Not only is this an adventure of the mind we will also introduce you to new ways to move your body. A MASSIVE win double.

Unleash your excellence today!


You will get MORE time back

I totally understand that you might be worried about the time commitment required for the course. On average we find it takes about 10-20 minutes per day to watch the videos and perform the reflections so it’s very little time really. And here’s the thing, the AreteWay adventure will help you optimise your life so you unlock even MORE time. So by the end of this course, you have more time than you started with.

Nothing will be too Advanced!

The AreteWay is designed to build your learning over the 28-days, so nothing will be too advanced. There is often that fear that ‘everyone else’ will be AMAZING, and know loads of stuff. Don’t worry this is a perfectly natural concern when stepping out of your comfort zone. So I want to reassure you that most of the AreteWay Adventurers will be new to self-development and feeling the same way. This is why I have designed the course especially for you. So that you can build your confidence as the adventure unfolds. So that gentle sense of fear is a sign you are on the right track! Let’s do this!

You're never to old to challenge yourself

I totally get it, you might be thinking I am too old, what do I have to offer, and why bother with all this new learning. Well, I have this to say. All the research shows that the best way to keep your brain healthy and avoid cognitive decline is to step outside your comfort zone and learn new things. So this course is less of a nice to and more of a hell-yes! As the saying goes, “No wise person ever wanted to be younger.’ So I want your wisdom in the group. You have more to offer the older you get and I will show you that you are just warming up!

This is guilt free learning

The strange thing about self-development for lots of wonderful people is that it comes with a sense of guilt. ‘How dare I do something AMAZINGLY proactive for myself? Shouldn’t I be looking after everyone else?’ I see this all the time. So don’t worry. This is your time. In fact, it’s about time you did something for yourself. Here’s why: The best thing you can possibly do for the people you love is to optimise your life and reconnect with your best self. Your new skills will radiate outwards and inspire those you care about. So this is guilt-free learning, it’s a gift to you and those you love.

The real value outweighs the investment

I totally understand that £149+VAT is still a decent investment, however, the truth is that we spend more money on our cars, and wasted nights out than we do on ourselves. Think about how many nothingy-type-spends you have made that would cover the investment of this course a thousand times over, which have added zero value to your life? Here is the chance at a price that is way below the real value to level up, find more meaning and reach your potential. Surely that has to be worth the investment? And if you really can’t get there, drop me a note andy@andyramage.com and I will do my very best to find a solution for you.

If you’re lacking in confidence areteway is a must!

Now I know you might be feeling afraid about stepping into the unknown. This is perfectly natural you are not the only one and most of your fellow AreteWay Adventurers will feel exactly the same. This very natural fear appears because you are about to step outside your comfort zone. This is not something to run from, it’s a sign that you are on the right path. For this reason, I have designed the course to help you rebuild your confidence as we progress. So if you feel a little low in confidence, this is great because you are about to get the confidence boost you have been waiting for.

Create positive momentum in your life

A BIG momentum BONUS!

I know you might be thinking – what if I put in all this effort and lose momentum once the course finishes. Perhaps you have taken other courses and failed to turn the learning into lasting action and you are worried this might happen again. Well, I have you covered. 


Because this was me. I took so many courses, learned tons, and then let the momentum slip. But no more. 


Your final BIG bonus is that at the end of the AreteWay Adventure you will receive an invitation to our exclusive on-going self-development adventure, which includes monthly special guest workshops, your own exclusive community, LIVE zooms with Andy, bonus zooms with our coaches, exclusive learning zones which include videos and worksheets, Yoga, Zumba and so much more!


There is only one way into this group and that is to have completed the AreteWay. So the group is totally exclusive and full of people like you who have a shared experience and want to continue their journey towards excellence, meaning and their full potential while leveraging the accountability and learning to reach their goals and dreams.


So there is no need to lose any momentum, this is just the start of your adventure.

Discover your authentic self

Summary of the GOOD STUFF!

4 zones of daily online learning, videos and worksheets

4 LIVE zooms with Andy

1 BONUS LIVE graduation zoom

4 LIVE zooms with your group guide

Daily interaction with Andy the team

Your own exclusive community that bring the whole experience to life

Andy’s exclusive 10x Journaling course

How to hack your habits workshop

Special guest thought leader workshop

Online LIVE bodywork including yoga, pilates and Zumba

Exclusive invitation to an on-going self-development platform

increase your confidence


“I can’t hold it in, I want to train with you and as mentioned I am so confident if you fully engage but don’t love it let me know and I will refund you. It’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of no brainers”.


Become aN areteway legend!

Customers reviews

What people say?

Genuinely feel this is the best course I have been on. The amount of learning across those 6 weeks was incredible. Everyone in the team went above & beyond to make this an outstanding learning experience for us all. I have recommended the course to friends already & will continue to do that. Thank you so so much and I’m looking forward to continuing..
If you have reached or are reaching a point in your life where you are starting to feel a little "meh".. then this is the course to give you hope and new focus. Andy and his team provide you with the tools to take a closer look at how you are currently living your life and what you can do to make it significantly better!
Truly excellent course on self-development with outstanding resources and support. Life-changing!
The course was the best investment to get on the Camino de full potential
The best investment in life is in yourself. A fully happy positively motivated self will help everyone they connect with following training from Andy Ramage. Limiting beliefs will become limitless possibilities within 6 weeks of training with Andy & his team.
The 6-week online LIVE course was truly life-changing, if you are thinking about doing it I urge you not to think and just do it! This course truly does come through on the promise to over-deliver and will give you a fantastic tool kit to help you with whatever you are struggling with. I'm guessing if you are here looking at the course then you already know or follow Andy Ramage and what I will say is that he brings his full A-game to this course, supporting and actively coaching the group. This is not a case of just having Andy's name as a brand to stamp on the course he will be there with you every step of the way, If you have seen Andy's lives or journeyed with him through OYNB then you will know how passionate and energised Andy is about this development journey and I can tell you that from personal experience he brings all that and more to this course. Andy's team are also the most amazing bunch of people you could ever ask for, they will support and help you out in any way possible. I will forever be grateful to this course and the fantastic bunch of people I shared this journey with who will remain friends for life.

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